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We value our client’s trust and believe in the principle of truthful advertising.  While most tax preparation firms will not post their tax preparation prices online, we want our clients to understand the model behind our pricing.  We pride ourselves on having a clear method to estimate the cost of our fees.  Please note, it is important to understand that each client is different and therefore, could be more complex.  We believe in fair pricing which reflects the client’s individual situation.

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  • (EZ) PERSONAL TAXES -- $105

Although the IRS has removed the 1040EZ form, we will continue to offer a discounted rate for preparation of :

  • Federal Return
  • (1) State Return
  • W2 income only
  • No dependents
  • No itemizing
    • Extensions $20


  • PERSONAL TAXESStarting at $145
  • Federal Return
  • (1) State tax return. 
  • W2 income
  • Dependents
  • Daycare credit
  • Earned income credit
  • HSA
  • Education Credits 

The forms below will be additional:

  • W4 and DE4 Withholding Update Calculations - $75-$185 
  • Itemized Deductions (mortgage interest, property taxes, donations, etc.) - $80
    • ​Federal and/or State itemized deductions 
  • 1099-B (capital gains/investments) - $25-$275
  • Estimated Tax Payments - $75
  • Energy Credits - $75
  • Electric Vehicle Credit - $75
  • Sale of Primary Residence - $75 - $150
  • IRS Adoption Credit - $100
  • CA Adoption Credit - $75
  • Additional State Returns - Starting at $75
  • K1 - $25-$250
  • Foreign Tax Credit - Starting at $75
  • Single Member LLC - $75
  • Schedule E (Rental Property) - Starting at $150
    • ​Complex Depreciation Set up - $25-$500
  • Schedule C (Small Business/1099-MISC/Self-employed) - Starting at $150
    • ​Complex Depreciation Set up - $25-$500
    • Gross income - $0-$25k - starting at $150
    • Gross income - $25k-$75k - starting at $200
    • Gross income - $75k and up - starting at $250
  • Schedule F (Farming) - Start at $150
  • Personal Extensions $20

*Please note there are additional forms that will incur fees, but we have listed the most common forms. 

  • BACK TAXESPrice per year will depend on the above return costs 
  • Multiple years of Federal and State taxes. 
  • You must have all of your old tax documents. 
    • You can obtain your Wage and Income transcript through the website and you can obtain your California withholding information through the FTB website. Please try to obtain your information first as this does not cost you any money. 
  • If not, we can obtain your tax transcripts from the IRS and FTB for $185.  
    • This service may take up to 2 weeks.




  • 1041 ESTATE & TRUST TAX RETURN Between $525 and $1,250, depending on the complexity of the return. 








  • MARRIED FILING SEPARATEPrice varies on the type of return. 

Married filing separate analysis (to determine whether you should file separately) is $125 on top of the cost of preparing both spouse's returns.  You will incur this cost even if after the analysis you decide to file jointly.

If you do not need an analysis and are 100% certain you want to file separately, you must then decide how you would like to file; community property rules ($310 in addition to cost of separate returns) or by claiming 100% separate property (only the cost of each separate return) There are rules to each.



Do you need to issue a 1099 to a contractor, someone you paid over $600 in the year, or to your business landlord?  We can help. 

New Client - set up fee is $90 plus each form

Current Client - $30 plus each form

  • January 1st -10th: Each form is $10
  • January 11th - 20th: Each form is $30
  • January 21st - 25th: Each form is $50
  • January 26th - 30th: Each form is $75
  • After January 31st, your form is late and you are subject to the $50 IRS late fee. 
    • Payment for forms is due before work is performed. 



                Personal Strategic Tax Planning: Starting at  $185 
                Business & Trust Strategic Tax Planning: Starting at  $225

                Corporate Compensation, Retirement & Tax Strategies Starting at $495

                This appointment is for future planning purposes only. 

                1. Entity Structure
                2. Future tax questions
                3. Retirement Plans 
                4. Questions regarding your current business, reasonable compensation
                5. Getting Married or Getting Divorced
                6. Buying or selling a Primary or Rental Home
                7. Selling or Buying a Business
                8. W4 and DE4 withholding update calculations 

*This appointment is for discussion.  Should you require additional information, specific calculations, formal written plan, etc., additional fees will be incurred. 



The price depends on the gross receipts and the complexity of the return.

  • Business Extensions $50.  Please be advised that if you need a business extension, you will likely need a personal extension as well.  If you extend both, the price is $60.






  • AMENDED RETURNS -- Starting at $275                                    

The price depends on the complexity of the amendment.






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