We welcome all individual income tax clients, from simple and organized returns to the most complex. Whether you have one W-2 or are self-employed with extensive investments and deductions, we are pleased to work with you to file your income tax returns.  Clients can choose to meet with a tax professional in person or to take advantage of our secure online portal for remote professional preparation services.  


We value our client’s trust and believe in the principle of truthful advertising.  While most tax preparation firms will not post their tax preparation prices online, we want our clients to understand the model behind our pricing.  We pride ourselves on having a clear method to estimate the cost of our fees.  Please note, it is important to understand that each client is different and therefore, could be more complex.  We believe in fair pricing which reflects the client’s individualized situation.



PERSONAL TAXES -- Starting at $255

The base fee includes preparation of a tax return containing the following: 

Federal Return W2 Income
(1) State Return Interest Income
Dependents & Child Tax Credits* Dividend Income
Unemployment Income Retirement Income
Disability Income Social Security Income
Taxable Refunds IRA Deduction
Student Loan Interest Deduction Health Saving Account

If you have more documents than listed above, you will incur additional fees.  Please review the list below of our most common additional forms: 


Itemized deductions (mortgage interest, property taxes, donations, etc.) - this applies for Federal and/or State - $80

*If you have more than 3 donation slips, or donate a vehicle, appraised items, or stocks, there will be additional fees. 

California unreimbursed employee expenses - $75

*W2 employees with work expenses such as union dues, home office, mileage, etc. 



Tax Credits

Daycare Credits - $25-$75

Education Credits - $25-$75

Energy Credits - $75

Electric vehicle credit - $75

IRS adoption credit - $75

CA adoption credit - $75

Foreign tax credit - Starting at $75

COVID related credits - $25-$375

Additional State Tax Credit - $75 per state CA Real Estate Withholding Form - $75


Additional Income

1099-B, capital gains/losses/restricted stock - $25, $100, or $275

Cryptocurrency - Starting at $275

Sale of business/investment property - Starting at $250

Sale of primary or secondary residence - $75-$250

W4 and DE4 Withholding Update Calculations - $75-$225

Personal Extensions - $20

Schedule E (Rental Property) - Starting at $200 per property 

​Depreciation - $25-$500

Additional Medicare Tax - $25

Net Investment Tax - $25

Foreign Income - Starting at $100

Statement of Foreign Financial Assets - Starting at $100

K1 - $25-$275




Schedule C/F (small business/1099-NEC/sole prop/self-employed/farming)

Gross income, $0-$25k, starting at $250

Gross income, $25k-$75k, starting at $300

Gross income, $75k and up, starting at $350

Depreciation - $25-$500

If the client does not provide a P&L or fill out our worksheet, there will be an additional fee. 



Small Business Taxes

Strategic Tax Planning

Back Taxes

Married Filing Separate

Estates & Trusts

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