Personal & Small Business Tax Planning


Throughout the year, things in your life may change, which may cause an impact on your taxes.  We offer a personal strategic tax planning consultation to advise on tax implications of those life changes. This consultation is for discussion only. Should you require any additional information, specific calculations, formal written plan, etc., additional fees may be incurred. This type of tax planning starts at $295. 

Items discussed, but not limited to, the following topics: 

  • Retirement - contributions, determining your withholdings, social security impacts, future disposal income after taxes, etc. 
  • Marriage - tax implications, withholdings, filing jointly or separately, etc. 
  • Divorce - tax implications, alimony, deductions, jointly or separately prior to official divorce, etc. 
  • Buying a home - tax implications and/or deductions
  • Selling a primary or secondary home - tax implications and/or deductions 
  • Change in employment - W4 and DE4 withholding update calculations, IRS Tax Withholding Estimator
  • Children - college, daycare, child tax credit, custody, etc. 
  • Selling a large collection of collectibles - tax implications
  • Capital gains and/or losses
  • Other future tax planning questions 
  • Click here to check out helpful finanical calculators

‚ÄčAny questions regarding a rental property or small business will be considered a Business Tax Planning Consultation and will start at $395.


In addition to things changing in your personal life, things may also change in your small business or you may acquire rental properties.  If that happens, we can also help you stay on track and be prepared for what is to come. 

Items discussed, but not limited to, the following topics: 

  • Entity Structure - Sole Prop, SMLLC, LLC, Partnership, S Corp, C Corp.
  • Retirement Plans - SEP IRA, Self-employed 401K, etc. 
  • Estimated tax payments 
  • Business deductions 
  • Selling or buying a business
  • Reasonable compensation
  • Hiring employees or contractors 
  • Buying a rental property 
  • Selling a rental property 
  • Other future tax planning questions


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